Cheap electric guitars, or semi acoustic guitars – it does not matter which one you have, you will still need to provide repairs from time to time. Whilst I cannot imagine any of the original delta blues guitar players having anything besides their own old acoustic guitar along with the shirt on their back, these days it’s a different story and there are usually specific things the time conscious and careful guitar player will be needing within their toolkit to guarantee the playability is maintained and significantly any kind of upkeep will use minimal time. So unless you have infinite time on your hands, or fancy keeping it real like those early pioneers of the guitar I’d say that you probably need to be carrying, or have access to the following things nearby to keep your trusty instrument in great condition: For a start you have to be having some guitar strings in a size that suits you but for the guitars you will be using. If you use cheap electric guitars take the correct size guitar strings and if you’re using electro acoustic guitars carry suited suitable guitar strings are going to be needed.

Then, you have to be considering a decent multi tool such as a deluxe blade which includes flat-head as well as cross head drivers, pincers, angled snips (suitable for urgent cable strips) as well as a nail file for the finger nails!! Also for the cost of such things it is likely to be worth investing in some actual angled snips for cutting off swapped guitar strings. These will do the job a little bit more effortlessly in comparison to the snips within the multiple tool. Because you are fully aware it is usually astonishing how sturdy guitar strings could be which can make gentle work of trimming the guitar string right after swapping. For any 5 mm connections on guitar jacks and also guitar effects boxes I have one small ring spanner and hand screw-driver because I notice that they undo routinely.A small towel is useful for fast cleaning of equipment. Particularly sweat and dirt that quickly accumulates and damages too. Spare picks that you can keep in an old tobacco tin along with rogue screws, bolts and washers that just seem to turn up without any seeming point of origin.Something that is ignored often is extra 9v battery packs. They are utilised for stompboxes as well as in a pre-amp in electric acoustic guitars and often will deplete at some of the most inconvenient occasions.

I’d personally point out these are definitely the essential things to have to hand when you’re either in the house, rehearsing or performing. For those who are considering a little over-the-to then you may also choose these.

Lubrication is ideal for rubbing on brand new strings when you change them. It prevents them from breaking when you are putting them on and also you could have some sort of string cleaner which does extend the useful life of a string and prevents oxidisation setting in.Hexagonal Keys in various (but appropriate) sizes if the multiple tool doesn’t have these are handy. These are typically especially helpful for running repairs across the pick up region.In order to get the guitar strung in double fast time and you may have offered the road crew the evening off consider acquiring a battery operated guitar string changer. Be sure to take the extra battery packs for this however, if not it’s going to be rather pointless.

And so, a lot of points to bear in mind if you’d like to ensure that the cheap electric guitar remains in wonderful overall condition, just do not ignore the carrier to help keep all of it !!

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